Frederick Street, Rockdale

Frederick Street, Rockdale

Your extraordinary new lifestyle begins here, where community and convenience come together in perfect harmony.

Welcome home to Rockdale Residences, where the future of co-living awaits. Embrace the unparalleled opportunity to be a part of a vibrant community, where every day is an adventure and connections flourish.

Frederick Street, Rockdale
Frederick Street, Rockdale

Rockdale Residences

Frederick Street, Rockdale NSW

Step into the future of co-living with Rockdale Residences, an exciting development nestled in the pulsating heart of Rockdale, conveniently located right next to the bustling Rockdale Station. We are proud to present a visionary concept that redefines modern living and fosters a sense of belonging within a vibrant community.

Project Mix

200 Co-living Units

Project Size

AUD $65 million

Project Status

Pipeline Project


The Site

Immerse yourself in the sophisticated ambiance of over 200 meticulously designed units, each crafted with your comfort and convenience in mind. Collaborating with the esteemed COX design firm, renowned for their architectural prowess, we have created an exquisite blend of style, functionality, and sustainability. The Rockdale Residences stand as a testament to our commitment to providing a living space that transcends expectations.

Frederick Street, Rockdale
Frederick Street, Rockdale


The Vision

Our commitment to your well-being and comfort is unwavering. Rockdale Residences is more than just a place to call home; it’s an extraordinary living environment carefully designed to enrich your daily life. From the meticulously planned spaces to the thoughtful amenities, every aspect has been curated with your needs in mind. Here, residents are empowered to forge lasting relationships, share experiences, and create memories that will be cherished for years to come.


Our projects are driven by a passion for innovation and sustainability, ensuring that we leave a positive and lasting impact on the built environment. We invite you to embark on this exciting journey with us, as we shape vibrant, inclusive and transformative spaces. Take the first step towards an extraordinary future.

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